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Monday, May 25, 2009

"High school utamu!".

Complete series.

It was getting dark on the field at boarding school one day so coach told us to go in and get a shower. We had stayed back for football practice. any way i was last in the locker rooms because i had been helping coach put the equipment away. When i walked in the bathrooms their was no one their so i got a shower, and started to get changed. I was standing in my boxers when Babu Ally walked in the locker rooms. He was the hottest guy in our school and had fucked nearly every girl. He was a senior but had stayed back to help the team with some new plays.

He started talking to me telling me how well i had done out their. I was so happy the most popular lad in the school knowing me. He asked me if i wanted 2 join him in the showers but i did already had one. He said ok and got naked in front of me. he took his tight tank top of to reaveal his toned and tanned muscled six pack, Then he dropped his pant and showed me his largsoft tool. It was huge (bigger than mine when stiff) i tried not to look but i couldnt help it. He said bye and ran into the showers.I had never gotten hard by looking at another man before,But it was exciting

When i got to the dorm i ran to my bed and stripped to my boxers and got my pillow. i laid on my pillow and started to hump it. I took my boxers down to my ankles and really started humping it, as if it was Babu Ally's ass. i started to moan and new i was gonna shoot a huge lot of creamy boy cum.
"Oh Baby, "Oh fuck"
I shot my load all over the pillow, it was all sticky and warm. i was knackerd.

The next day we stayed back again coz we were training for a game. and again Babu Ally stayed back to help us with some plays. After practice i was left alone in the locker rooms again, but thought i'd ait to see if Babu Ally came in. He did, he said hello and we just sat talking about the game while undressing. When we were both in our loose boxers (mine were navy blue and his were silk red!) i began looking at his crotch again, to see if i could see any of his large cock. He noticed me doing this and came over to me, he got his hand and put it in the opening of my boxers. I was shocked. I never knew he liked to touch dicks. He ran his hand through my pubes onto my dick. I began to get a boner he said "do u like this Black?" i said yeh and he told me to do it to him. So i slid my hand into the opening of his silk boxers and played with his thick and hairy cock and balls. He was geting hard to. He told me to take my boxers of and go get in the shower. I took them off and he followed me into the showers

We stood their naked and he told me to lick his hard nipples and to go down until i got to his dick. he told me to open my mouth and suck him off. He was so large i was gonna choke. I used my tongue around the head and tickled his hairy balls. he was Moaning but told me to stop. i took it out of my mouth and he told me to lay down
He said we should both do it so we got in 69er position and sucked each others cocks. We both started to moan and he was about to cum, i could tell. He shot so much man jizz in my mouth i could of swam in it. I swallowed it all and it was so creamy but salty, i loved it.
as i swalled his man cum, i shot a huge load in to his gorgeous mouth and he started to swallow my boy cum. I hadnt came as much as him, but i shot out a canny bit.

We both stood up and before we knew it we were hard again. He asked me if i have ever been fucked and i told him no. He leaned me over the shower rail and told me to spread my legs. He got 2 fingers and forced them up my thight ass. it hurt but i let it be. He took them out and placed the head of his huge cock inbetween my ass cheeks. Slowly he forced it up into my shit piece. It was so paiunful i thought i was gonna pass out. He was so thick and i was so tight. When he had filled my ass with his mighty meat he started to hump me. After a while this got better and i was so horny i wanted him to fuck me all night felt so good. I could tell he was enjoying this too he was screaming
"OH baby, let me cream ur virgin ass, let me spit it !"
I could tell he was gonna cum and he did, he shot a thick warm load into my ass, it felt so good. He took it out and told me to lick it so i did.

He said he wanted me to fuck him and this only made me harder he turned round and spread his legs. I got my fingers and pushed them up his ass. I could feel the hairs between his crack brushing my fingers and i knew he had been fucked before because he was so slack. I took my fingers out and got my 8 inch boy cock between his ass, i slid it in and it was so easy, he must have been fucked by some thick meat before. i started to hump him and he began to moan it was so good, i was ass fucking the most popular guy in school. i knew it was getting close to my round firering hot steamy tasty cum into his bubble butt. i came and began to shout loudly, When i finished i collapsed on his back. I took it out and he licked it clean for me. We took a shower and began to get ready, he said he wanted my boxers so we swapped. when we were fully dressed he came over to me and began to kiss me. He slid his hands down my pants and placed something in my pubes. He pulled away and said

"Tutaonana tena Black!"

I said bye and put my hands down my pants he had left a note saying feel free to ring me any time and he left his number. I got hard again and noticed he left me a present in his red silk boxers. A huge man cum stain!.




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